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Expo Club Reviews ISKU Chairs

Students from our Expo Club had the opportunity to try out different chairs from ISKU, a Finnish furniture solutions specialist known for their high quality Nordic design and commitment to sustainability.

ISKU is one of the key partners in the Finland pavilion in Expo 2020. In February next year, our students and teachers from Oulu University Teacher Training School will travel to Dubai to showcase ISKU’s furniture solutions in action and to meet up with learning project partner school GEMS Modern Academy. We look forward to sharing the results of our joint project and sharing Finnish education and happiness!

We had a lot of fun trying out different ISKU chairs and choosing our favourites. Check out this short video we made to show you our favourite chairs in action.

We were asked to test and review different chairs and to consider, which ones we would like to use at our own school. Of all the chairs we tested, we think that the Tutto Active and the Stoo Mini chair share the first place of the best chair for Oulu University Teacher Training School.

The Tutto Active chair is a saddle chair that helps the user stay active while working. We think that the Tutto Active chair is soft and comfortable. The comfortableness comes from the ability to adjust the height of the chair. In addition, the chair’s stuffings are very soft and it makes a better place to sit than a hard chair or stool.

Tutto Active chair

The Stoo Mini chair is also very soft. Your feet can touch the ground while sitting on it and it can help making your balance better. It is also pretty light and the strap on the chair makes it easy to lift it.

Altogether, we think these two chairs are the best chairs for our school. We look forward to visiting Expo 2020 and sharing more about the learning environment at our school – there’s always a place for learning!



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